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The objective of this site is to share with fellow TV Antenna installers "Digital TV interference issues".

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This site may help D.I.Y. viewers who are capable of rectifying simple TV reception issues.

Do you know about the “Cliff Edge Effect” affecting Digital TV reception?

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A précis of Digital TV Reception Interference Issues

In 1998 Terrestrial Digital Television was publically transmitted throughout the United Kingdom, and Government Authorities including manufacturers, plus retail outlets promoted the product’s amazing picture qualities. Since the launch of digital TV - picture qualities have become even more life-like. Whilst purchasing a new digital TV - retail sales persons rarely advise their customers of the Radio Frequency Interference (R.F.I.) problems that cause picture breakup (pixelation) and loss of signal.

Shortly after the launch of Terrestrial digital TV in the U.K. many R.F.I problems arose and were investigated due to viewer frustration. Since then R.F.I issues have become even more complex, and will continue to exist world-wide for several years. R.F.I problems can be generated by manmade appliances, natural electromagnetic atmospheric noise, invisible digital TV signal reflections (Echoes) bouncing off mountain sides for several kilometres, and buildings – including secondary echoes reflecting off buildings. The detection of R.F.I is only identified by experienced installers utilizing modern TV signal analyzing meters, but even then - installers may encounter extraordinary R.F.I problems.

Given I have resided in outer-metropolitan variable coverage areas for almost 50 years, and experienced the frustrations of recurrent episodes of pixelation since 2001 I decided in2002 to seek professional advice to satisfy numerous complaints. To my disappointment I was informed that Registered Training Organisations (R.T.Os.) would not be continuing with curriculums for TV Antenna Installations.

As a result of this unsatisfactory outcome I began to communicate with a highly respected and experienced Senior Engineer - Television Broadcast Systems - Technical Services of a Melbourne commercial Television Station including Senior Research and Design Engineers located in Spain and Italy. Subsequently the technical content of this site is a result of my extensive and ongoing digital research, numerous in-field experiences, plus the utilization of a professional digital terrestrial/satellite signal analyzer.

Australia’s Federal Government Thwarts the Licensing & Regulation of TV Antenna Installers.

In 2010 the Labor Federal Government initiated The Scheme whereby TV antenna installers could partake in an on-line exam that would register them as Endorsed Installers. Veteran TV antenna installers thought that The Scheme would (in time) create the Regulation and Licensing of installers. However (without prior consultation with endorsed installers) the Liberal Federal Government cancelled The Scheme in 2015.

The Australian Federal Government is responsible for the Governance of Australia’s Television Industry via the Canberra based Australian Communications & Media Authority (A.C.M.A.).

The deletion of The Scheme by the Liberal Federal Government in 2015 has ensured that TV antenna installers will continue to remain Unlicensed and without a Regulatory Authority. Deletion of The Scheme has vetoed the establishment of apprenticeship courses that would ensure future employment opportunities, and requires the consumer to consider accepting the unknown Integrity Qualities and Skill Levels of an unknown TV antenna installer. As such - the consumer is at financial risk should a dispute arise due to poor workmanship etc.

In 2015 the Australian Communications & Media Authority (A.C.M.A.) revised their classification of Endorsed TV Antenna Installers to “Experienced” TV Antenna Installers, when they released an On-Line form. The on-line form is utilized when the Experienced TV antenna installer and the client request the help of the A.C.M.A. Investigation Services. The alteration from an Endorsed Installer to an Experienced Installer was also achieved without prior consultation with installers, and is assumed that experienced installers own or have access to modern TV signal analyzing equipment. (Author I.Nagle)

My Business Objectives:

Conduct and or arrange for a professional installation of TV antennas and Satellite equipment,

  • To perform investigations that relate to interference issues that impact upon terrestrial digital television services,
  • To provide a consultancy advice service should you fail to gain acceptable rectification of persistent digital TV reception issues,
  • To provide a 12 month warranty period for goods & services from date of repair, installation and or documentation,
  • I do not repair TVs or associated appliances.

Please be advised that whilst I (Ian Nagle) have taken all due care to accurately document and published (via this WEB site) observations, including comments, screen captures, specific advice from European manufacturers of specialized Digital TV/Sat Field Strength Analyzers, plus qualified recommendations from others - I will not accept any implied financial, practical and or physical Damages arising from unintentional or intentional misinterpretation of stated recommendations and or technical advice contained within my Website.

The advice I have provided should be interpreted as a guideline only. Such advice has arisen from my extensive field testing and experiences since the beginning of Digital Transmissions in Jan. 2001, and may differ in various areas of Australia due to terrestrial reception circumstances not experienced by myself or others.

Note: For those who consider that my website requires their expert services - thanks, but NO THANKS! (Ian Nagle)